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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.958 Not 100% sure but I think that holding E and waiting for the bomb to be pulled out takes more time than pulling the bomb out before hand.
0.954 wow so cool volvo pls fix LOL xD haha rekt
0.941 Niko seems pretty good too and for some reason heroic are pretty good with picking up unknowns.
0.940 Some people want fame and fortune, others want a loving family, and others can find a reward in making a positive impact on peoples lives.
0.930 I don't have time to follow anything except for the top tiers, I think coming from the 4th+ best Danish team to one of the best players in the world in less than a year is incredibly impressive
0.927 Still not a good enough argument, given that he didn't die, he made the absolute best of that situation, which is pretty impressive.
0.926 I maxed out at Supreme and those games were very fun, mostly good teamwork, good coms and somewhat decent strats.
0.924 This sounds like a team i would like to play for, not these unserious supremes im on a team with:P Well, nice written, and really nice strats!:)
0.922 vp vs sk and liquid vs fnatic were the two best matches...you can argue about which one was better, but by far those two matches had the best cs and were exhilarating to watch.
0.922 He is a good player, and he wants to be that star player, but at best he is just a solid support type player.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.943 While the T was shooting his teammate, elige failed to kill him because he ran out of bullets in the CZ, then was killed a few moments later while reloading. Those 3 mistakes cost liquid the game.
-0.931 if the enemy has armor the quickest way to kill them is 2 left clicks then a right click, if they do not have armor one left and one right will kill them.
-0.927 Old thread but IIRC when I called you out on your bullshit I got downvoted to hell.
-0.920 Not to say that I think g2a is better the PEA , but just because something is illegal doesn't mean it is worse then something that is immoral.
-0.916 Threads like this bring out the most ridiculous people out of their cave and in their anger they just blurt out the most retarded shit.
-0.912 we've had a molly impact kill and now a flash kill in the past week or so and the casters missed both
-0.905 The title I realized is a bit far from it but a lot of cheaters still use internal cheats. Coding publicly will be more difficult, you have to always do external now.
-0.900 Perhaps i am looking at this wrong but I dont think regi did anything WRONG like this sub seems to believe, ill advised: yes, badly handled: yes but wrong?
-0.900 CS has a cheating problem already, F2P will kill it.
-0.898 > I also noticed a bit of a theme in that low scoring bottom fragging players would go on to be banned, I'm assuming they got sick of being bad.
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