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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.884 Right? What is your best explanation of this? Forgive the barrage of questions but I find this fascinating.
0.875 You have the greatest tools of mankind, if you value your mind, created or not, you will value learning real facts.
0.827 It just teleported xD I wish there was an explanation, but whats the fun in that, am i right?
0.771 In which case, I'm still pretty sure I don't have a brain tumor.
0.674 I thought about a past life because the smell tied to the memory was so strong!
0.668 i got a lot more story's like this one if you guys and gals are interested.
0.637 Past life or genetic memory is my best guess.
0.625 It was one of those sincere, unjustified emotions you have when you are a kid with an innocent mind.
0.612 The only thing that could even resemble a seizure is the sensation I mentioned, but like I said, the only time I EVER get that feeling is when I do as I described in the post.
0.612 This was ine of my favorite songs and i was pretty sure it was "bad country" not bat.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.812 It also happened the night before the shop she works in got robbed and before I got really ill and was sent to the hospital. Weird shit.
-0.808 I appreciate your concern, but it's not something that just *happens.* There's a very obvious trigger for the event, so I doubt it's a tumor.
-0.718 Now, they did have some problems a while back but I do remember distinctly that I was disappointed when they finally divorced for real.
-0.700 I remember just thinking about how sad would be to a father to lose a son.
-0.607 Of course, I insisted that this had, in fact, happened, because I had never had a dream like this before, or experienced anything like it.
-0.592 My back hurts sometimes because I'm always hunched the hell over. And lastly, I don't have any goddamn seizures, that's for sure.
-0.586 I remember feeling strangely sad about it.
-0.557 This happened with me and star wars episode 3
-0.557 had to gety my shit together get dressed and find my fgrickin shoes all before i went
-0.557 That happened several times according to her, including when my grandfather died.
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