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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.971 Junod is pretty good, but I honestly think this is the best thing he's ever written. Glad you liked it!
0.948 Imagine someone you loved was in your situation, given your resources how would you help them? I wish you the best of luck.
0.946 I find hiking very fun and inspiring - nature is absolutely beautiful and I love being immersed in it.
0.931 I returned the next day and managed 5 1/2 minutes, again, after lifting some light weights. Slowly, but surely, I started to see results and gain confidence.
0.927 No regrets, nothing left behind, but a world's worth of fond memories, and a family that loves me dearly.
0.923 Some great pieces of advice do not have an equal and opposite great piece of advice, or this is not a great piece of advice.
0.915 Squeaky wheel is the only way you get grease, even if you are an outstanding performer with amazing output and the most wonderful personality.
0.912 Thanks for sharing your list :) Edit: to answer your question, I loved the examples provided in the book.
0.908 It's a fittingly beautiful and kind tribute to an awesome man.
0.906 I think it makes us all better people for sharing and commenting in a positive manner :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.944 There are eight crocodiles; they represent addiction, cancer, people, depression, traffic, dangerous weather, war and actual crocodiles.
-0.926 All have the potential to pull you into the water of death with their jaws and kill you with a death roll.
-0.913 I was so sick and depressed that I wouldve killed myself if my wife and young kids were not totally dependent on me.
-0.878 Anxiety and depression tell me loneliness and sadness will last forever.
-0.869 At the same time I started suffering from anxiety and depression so I could not run that business properly and lost all my money.
-0.848 Misread your username as faggot, and was about to rant. Whoops!
-0.840 This is incorrect, he died of cancer a few years after his wife did if I recall correctly.
-0.840 And sorry but no negative encounter/argument/whatever last only 10 seconds.
-0.840 This guy is trying to get his grandma's ass so bad he posts about her on reddit.
-0.837 The profs in our department have not been that helpful at all and it frustrates me because they are impacting us in every negative way possible.
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