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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.967 It was a good game, but perhaps not quite as good as many had hoped given Schafer's adventure game pedigree. The documentary however is fantastic, and I really recommend it.
0.960 This isn't new but if you never got around to it play a game called Freedom Fighters, one of the best squad games I've played and massively overlooked.
0.953 Yeah I bet it still has its flaws but 3 sounds like a pretty fun and interesting game regardless.
0.950 Beautiful sci-fi skyboxes, actually likeable characters, another great robot companion like Titanfall, and some fun mission design for a change. And lastly the **Zelda** series.
0.949 That someone wishes to share the excitement and enjoyment they've gained from the title with other people, trying to give it exposure in order to support a developer they feel deserves that support?
0.948 In a perfect world everybody plays their best, tries their hardest, bolsters their team and plays a fair and honest game.
0.944 Great art, fantastic lighting, and wonderful design elements all came into the construction of this improved classic.
0.941 Yeah I wouldn't expect a rage 2, more wondering if they had the creative talent to build new worlds that are exciting and interesting to be in.
0.939 While Shovel Knight was amazing, I think their talent could be put into other genres, as well, and create games that are equally as good as Shovel Knight, or even better.
0.937 I wasn't around for the original tier of arena shooters but I can feel the market yearning for satisfaction via skill improvement over carrot on a stick and slot machine rewards.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.954 Ugly ass, slow ass, repetitive as hell game where neckbeards pay hundreds of dollars for boxes that may or may not give them an aesthetic upgrade.
-0.947 If you just kill everyone, it takes most of the stealth out of it and **does** make it easier. Dishonored punishes you for killing **a lot** of people, not just killing people.
-0.929 I wanted to find a game to play with him, but I wasn't sure about the levels of death and violence.
-0.926 "It's just a lark, don't take it seriously!" It would be like me writing a review about Doom 4 calling it a broken piece of shit with game breaking crash bugs and shit performance.
-0.925 Rocket league is great to kill time, but can get frustrating on a lose streak or with bad teammates.
-0.924 Easiest to counter yes, but when you're dueling a genji and junkrat randomly blows your ass to hell and back my blood pressures permanently rises a point or two
-0.923 He's/You're confusing Far Cry: Instincts with the rather poor 360/PS3 port of Far Cry called Far Cry: Classic.
-0.922 For example, it would be like me writing a review about Doom 4 calling it a broken piece of shit with game breaking crash bugs and shit performance.
-0.921 And it's not like this lapse seriously harms anybody - it's annoying and it detracts from your fun, so it should be punished but, again, a lifetime ban for annoying you on the internet?
-0.917 But any sensible person wouldn't assume that after tens of gigabytes of patches, Doom 4 is still a broken piece of shit. I have no real issue with Sterling disliking Homefront: TR.
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