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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.923 I recently started playing it and it is a pretty good game I think, story feels a little weak, but gameplay and parkour is fun and graphics are amazing.
0.840 that looks like good fun!
0.826 Wish they'd made it a bit more open, like Dishonored, as it's pretty on the rails as is.
0.735 Thanks for the honest advice.
0.732 It's truly an alpha, there is some fun to have in Arena, but other than that, it's fairly boring, it's really more like a proof of concept, and obviously no progress is kept.
0.710 My god, that is amazing.
0.700 Good, good, busto boy.
0.695 haha francesco schettino really doesnt give a crap!
0.691 yo watchdogs was actually like pretty decent
0.681 clipping errors, etc. Burnout paradise city had some nice crashes, despite being somewhat old

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.919 when you fly tank enemy is of confused, for no know to shoot anti air or anti tank.
-0.869 He was stabbed in the dick with his own shotgun and died.
-0.778 ~~Sean Murray~~ Chris Roberts just lied, lied and lied some more."
-0.746 I just don't think > A realistic space sim would be BORING as hell. is fair.
-0.700 boats in this game gives no shit.
-0.691 Type kill and hit enter 5.
-0.595 I would've raged so hard if that was me.
-0.589 But then I thought of all the chaps that probably went out like this, damn, scary way to go.
-0.575 Almost. What's bothering me is her head turning speed, it's too robotic. [And because I'm crazy, I made a graph].
-0.557 Question: why does Manning's face enrage you so?
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