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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.943 Yea, but I can recognize how much fun others have with something, and I'd like to join in on the fun, but can't.
0.938 The past couple of packs tended to have only a couple of games each that were particularly strong; they do have a couple of duds each, but those good games were well worth the laughs.
0.935 RE 5 and 6 are kind of average games but they are super fun to play couch co-op!
0.902 We love you, delicious friend.
0.883 this game is truly a masterpiece and i enjoyed every second of it.
0.882 Not a lot of hardcore gameplay but one of the best stories I've ever gotten from a game. Enter The Gungeon is an extremely fun action roguelike, but I'm not sure if it's on sale right now or not.
0.881 Other than this the game is the best MMO I've played, and I would strongly recommend it to everyone.
0.881 We're moving to Unity 5, which has better support for text, and hope to clean it all up in time for the first DLC, Zubmariner.
0.878 If you calculate replay value as / where both are positive values, wouldn't it make sense that as price approaches 0, replay value approaches infinity?
0.872 Welcome, delicious friend.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.898 Every incarnation of the Walking Dead - the comic, the show, the *other* show, and these games - seems cursed to shamble on until it's just a mindless, rotting corpse of its former self.
-0.859 I loved the game, but I hated how grinding actually hurts you.
-0.852 Shame shame shame.
-0.850 It lacks polish, and gets boring eventually with a lack of endgame content, but I'll be damned if it wasn't fun.
-0.848 You also earn a small amount of exp for each enemy you kill.
-0.830 That's just the beginning of the shittiness when it comes to this dev team too. It's a decent game that was absolutely destroyed by douchebag devs.
-0.826 I could pollute the hell out of my city and it doesn't matter because the challenge is to get to 500 units of money and that's it.
-0.823 Killing Floor at $1 is a steal, lul.
-0.818 A combat system based on timing of mouse clicks to icons on screen, essentially making every fight a series of quick-time events is horrible game design.
-0.796 RE5 if you do, but even that's kind of far away from Resident Evil.
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