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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 > Better part of a decade I'm not sure how quickly these things generally go but I feel like a conversion like this being complete under 10 years is pretty impressive.
0.947 The beauty of freedom is that it allows whoever has the best idea to succeed without the government stepping on either side of the scale.
0.939 "to ensure that the United States remains a leader in combating the harmful effects of global warming" Lol GG Washingtonpost - That really made me laugh.
0.939 Yes, the necessity of more human labor is surely the best sign of success for future methods of energy production.
0.933 I do believe people should have an equal opportunity to prove their worth, but the truth is some people are iust better than others at creating value.
0.931 I don't know if this helps, but I sometimes use Sweet leaf Sweet drops in coffee and I find it adds just enough sweetness to take the edge off.
0.929 My point is we gain an appreciation of all aspects of the world around us, helping make us more mature, well-rounded and interesting individuals.
0.929 As Jane Sanders said, "Trump won every primary state Bernie won." Trump won over the rust belt while Hillary had rich parties in NYC.
0.923 That's really great and all, however, good luck convincing Telus, Rogers, and Shaw to hop on that bandwagon!
0.923 AI makes better chess players, better drivers, and now better doctors? When can I get my AI love doll?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.977 Trumpsupporters are evil and racist, leftist are stupid and naive, the russians are dangerous, north korea is brainwashing its people, and isis fights us because they hate our freedoom.
-0.952 Yes we need to do something, but "do it now or we're all dead" is a bad argument that makes the climate change crowd look like a doomsday cult.
-0.947 I seriously hope this happens soon - not only for my Dad but for the millions and millions of people that are suffering from this horrible disease we call cancer.
-0.940 Nearly 5000 people killed annually more than any terrorist attack or any other natural disasters.
-0.938 Everybody that can be exploited has been exploited, so we have to destroy the lives of people that are not exploited so they can be exploited.
-0.936 They cry over the death of a mass murdering communist dictator and in the same breath scream that Trump is Hitler...wtf America?!
-0.935 If you're thief, but everyone else in the room is a murderer, or a rapist, suddenly, you start looking like a saint.
-0.930 This sounds like the beginning of a resident evil movie tbh but hey fuck cancer.
-0.930 seriously people FUCK stop up voting click bait garbage bull shit articles for crying out loud.
-0.922 Just program a probability into self-driving cars of 1/6500 to die in a fatal car accident each time you drive and the problem is fixed.
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