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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.955 Not everyone has great internet, and the fact that you did that using a perfectly resonable resolution given the task at hand deserves mention and thanks :)
0.953 And in fact, I work as a chef, so getting time to cook isn't much of a problem ;) But, if you know such a website, I'm sure it'd be perfect to share here, and I would very much like to see it :D
0.947 This is wonderful from a perspective of being good for the environment but I imagine would have some pretty strong knock-on effects in an economy that's driven by consumption based growth.
0.946 Sounds like a great, frugal practice to me, so I give cash. Wishing you the best of luck in getting back on your feet!
0.936 I tried this, the cats seem to avoid it when I'm around, but there's a lot of fur inside, so i'm pretty sure they secretly love it.
0.935 They are so awesome and always have good stuff and all the profits go towards many many local charities and causes.
0.934 I am glad my video can help people like you and I wish you the best in your next car purchase.
0.933 I save my change too, but it would probably take me years to save up $43. Living an almost entirely cashless existence thanks to auto-deposits, credit & debit cards.
0.931 It's a great cream, perfect for hand lather and smells good.
0.929 I'm glad that's on here. If you want to make it super good, remember to be very generous with your spices.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.940 Hey, I know the epi pen is overpriced but it's still horrifying that people complain about its price but have no problem dropping $300 on the newest iPhone.
-0.915 Who knows if under that crappy paint job how much crushed metal lies underneath? Not to mention a bad paint job will have problems with a peeling clear coat and rust a few years down the road.
-0.912 The sad thing here is,while the companies policies are to blame, some poor sap sitting at thier crappy job decided screw you, not Comcast.
-0.909 HELL NO, fools mission.
-0.907 I'm not trying to pass any judgement, I've bought ALDI meat, but whenever I do I get this feeling that it's likely the worst of the worst environmentally.
-0.896 Why does your dad have some punk ass bitch ass decaf coffee in the house though?
-0.887 And I don't care how good their customer service is, I don't consider it a selling point that, when the product fails, they "make it right" by sending you the exact same shitty failure-prone product.
-0.879 Maybe if you get a job and move out of your mom's basement you won't be so angry all the time, maybe stop seeking the negative attention.
-0.876 Just noticed I have been getting charged $10/month for a 'Speed Increase', but doesn't specify speed, or anything - also, I never added this. WTF.
-0.876 I did the same but a thief decided to break into my house and steal all my electronics and some very un replaceable family possessions :( so the Xbox I had and money I saved is gone too
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