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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.948 The winner wins mostly by luck, but by winning he can afford the most expensive ingredients to let hi and his heirs win again.
0.872 And yes, I would argue we see our own self improvement as virtuous, especially when it comes to eating organic and other 'eco friendly' behaviors.
0.866 Today we believe the best thing for society is to dissolve the separation between social classes and that everyone should have equal access and freedom to pursue whatever lifestyle they want.
0.855 edit: as soon as possible. I suspect that while easy access to contraception would help, increasing people's security would have a very strong synergistic effect.
0.848 I guess I am pretty happy with my decision. I wanted to say, please GTFO of medical school.
0.840 If math talent has a strong genetic component, we could genetically engineer people to be reliably good at math.
0.832 And I think Snow knows this, and upon reflection while he may think he cares, I think this idea is actually optimized for entertainment purposes.
0.832 50% is actually a pretty good ballpark for the heritability of interesting complex human traits.
0.823 Snow doesn't have a billion dollar research budget; he's a guy with ideas, hoping that the good ones will do some good.
0.802 The winner keeps winning and the divide increases exponentially.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.900 Instead, some of the worst prisoners became much less violent.
-0.896 Zuckerman also suggests that Snow is working on the wrong problem; that we should be reducing the prison population by reforming society rather than trying to make prisons less awful.
-0.891 Jealous, desperate, emotionally damaged people do a lot of stupid things.
-0.891 People are cruel, selfish, and dishonest.
-0.863 However, poor bedside manner could equally be attributed to the type of people that go into medicine, a lack of proper training, or the crushing amount of debt that students leave residency with.
-0.852 You're likely to be told that this is selfish, and hurts your program and is unfair to your classmates.
-0.840 The Duke Lacrosse accuser has since been put in prison for murder.
-0.839 If they leave, they need to suffer as a country. Ironic: I am a German running a business in England, so it would harm my very own bottom line.
-0.836 Hell, when I was in high school a student claimed to have been abducted and fondled by Hispanic men because she was late for school.
-0.824 They're not going to enjoy it, it's going to take a lot of effort they could be spending on things they'll get more use out of, and in the worst case they're going to forget it all in a year anyway.
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