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0.883 Bun looks acceptable, but I think there is like Cole slaw or something else inside the bun, or maybe it's not cut open properly.
0.878 Yes, definitely! As an OC-submitter here, I'd definitely think about making videos regularly to help illustrate the process, if that was the case.
0.872 Seems like most high quality photos posted here from OC and there is a chance they love to share the videos too.
0.850 coriander is super out of place with Korean food, but that meat is cooked perfectly
0.848 My husband loves peanut butter and bacon on toast - this burger looks like something he would appreciate!
0.827 Wow these look insanely beautiful and expensive.
0.820 I never understood why people refuse to eat bugs, but will happily eat things that looks like bugs but just happen to live in water.
0.790 Wow, that looks good!
0.784 Great idea, thank you!
0.784 That's a rib roast definitely choice at best.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.827 You're goddamn damn right we'll disagree with you here!
-0.743 I'd require a bit less cheese for crispyness, and more white sauce But ugh I'd still fuck that
-0.735 Where is the insult or criticism?
-0.714 They take this shit seriously.
-0.701 It's not like it'll really hurt.
-0.599 I often see savoury foods 'drowned in maple syrup' on this sub quite heavily upvoted.
-0.572 Is there marijuana in the pot stickers, or is OP just retarded?
-0.557 If a video was to show the cooking, I would want to see the method as well. I think it is the worst when you see something you ACTUALLY want to make by no idea on where to start or ingredients
-0.557 Oh shit now I need a petit four
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