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0.955 I mainly love them because they improve flexibility through your hips but more importantly they really help your IT band and are fantastic for your knees in sports.
0.952 I know people like to shit on crossfit but I've never lifted in my life and don't know how and they are training me and motivating me so it's a win win so far.
0.948 Strength and speed improvements are best focused on during the offseason. The third best option is to look on /r/sprinting.
0.927 It sounds like you should eat more and stick with SL. I'm pretty sure the consensus is that doing a linear progression is the fastest way to gain strength.
0.923 It's cheap to get into if you just get a set of second hand clubs, and let's be honest, a set of Tiger Woods clubs aren't exactly going to make us super good.
0.922 First off, great call on a place to start for him to gain some fitness and more confidence.
0.922 This is super effective and its really satisfying making the route and putting in how long it took you and stuff so you have a little diary to know previous routes or to make longer or better routes.
0.921 Ive a long way to go still but Im already happy with the results I've seen and am excited for my future progress however far I decide to go!
0.913 You are saying "if you do things perfectly nothing bad will happen" which is mostly true. Unfortunately beginners don't really know how do things perfectly.
0.911 So keep pushing for 2 months, enjoy life and you should be good to stay <3 EDIT: Especially after around 2 months and you start seeing results, you getting more motivated than ever!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.902 Right now my lifts are at: Squat: 230 Dead: 225 Ohp: 90 Bench: 135 Row: 130 I can't move past these numbers and workouts have become brutal, and I think it is the deficit.
-0.891 She has to take 1 tiny pill in the morning and cries bloody murder !
-0.888 On the first heavy rep, three days of burgers and beer come back to haunt me, and I let out the loudest, nastiest, most vile smelling fart of my life.
-0.878 If i eat 3k a day ill roughly maintain if i eat over ill put on weight if i wanna lose ill eat less
-0.868 > Lunchtime users are SO MUCH MORE MESSY than evening goers Ain't nobody got time to put shit away.
-0.868 If you buy and use it and hurt yourself it's entirely your own stupid fault. https://www.amazon.com/IdealStretch-Wedge-Combo/dp/B002WUZTDE/
-0.866 my home alarm went off twice last night in between 2 and 3 am and the slight lack of sleep made it difficult to get up and get my ass to the gym.
-0.864 I thought I'd never lift again I felt so sad and weak. Today, I'm crushing it.
-0.863 The day after I cannot tell you how bad my damn forearms hurt on the underside.
-0.861 HELL NO, you have any idea how much sugar is in tomatoe juice?!
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