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Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.796 Like what was he hoping to accomplish with that?
0.757 That cow eating grass is adorable and i'm glad its the only option!
0.743 Wish I could have gotten the cute cow :( Rest in peace cows.
0.700 [Oh wow, another harmless YouTube link.
0.681 I had that once and the awesome feeling you get once you pop it.
0.637 Gotta love those last minute late term abortions.
0.637 It it was it would be called a "[merkin]." I love that word.
0.625 One day, that pig will be on a great BLT sandwich
0.624 That is the cutest thing i have seen all day!
0.586 That was a lovely sight at 8:45 in the morning

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.841 I ain't gay, but a good cock is a good cock.
-0.791 Come here to see a horribly burnt tongue and all I get is cute ass ducks, what a shame
-0.778 I want to see those buts but the dead baby things putting me off....click.
-0.772 Poor cats eating bad stuff like that they will get tummy ache.
-0.715 When your dick gets so big it scares your balls.
-0.681 What the hell was he trying to do?
-0.643 All of it right on the mirror, Right on it, don't even think about trying to pop this shit somewhere else.
-0.625 That guys dick looks like it ate another smaller dick
-0.572 >Non-NSFW Or, ya know, just SFW. Why make a double negative?
-0.557 This time I regret not reading the [NSFW/L]-tag before clicking the link with my dick ready to go...
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