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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 I sounds cheesy saying "best love story", like a romantic comedy or something, but it actually is a sweet, poignant, mature, story about love.
0.952 This is a tremendously good value. Even if you're not into roleplaying, the Pathfinder books are great inspiration for worldbuilding, or just reading for pleasure.
0.940 Beautiful story, and a well-deserving Hugo Winner. Fun fact: I was John's roommate the weekend he won the Hugo for this story.
0.940 In your opinion, what makes for a great short story? And, thank you for inviting me to Unfettered IIit's an honour to sit alongside those other terrific authors.
0.940 I would recommend Silver Metal Lover for one of the best love stories of the last century.
0.920 Beautiful film with a beautiful soundtrack, especially their version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" which is just perfect.
0.918 > I would love the hardcover but shipping costs would make it difficult so ebook for me please : The winner will have the book shipped to them free of charge.
0.913 Very strong female character and a beautiful love story.
0.893 He has his strong points, and he may be the greatest in those areas, but he has some pretty big flaws as well.
0.891 In Words of Radiance where Shallan persuades a group of outlaws to her side, that's one of the smartest and best foreshadowed scene I've ever read.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.944 Bad characters, or bad plot, or bad worldbuilding people might be willing to put up with ; bad prose will make anyone drop the book.
-0.926 It's got monsters, magic weapons, gun fights, sword fights, car chases, Voodoo, betrayal, and an international backdrop.
-0.906 It's sad that people who shit talk one another online would be cool drinking buddies if they were to meet in person, but alas the internet makes people do weird shit.
-0.867 There's nothing quite like sitting in the theatre crying, and resenting the movie for pushing the buttons that made me cry so ham-fistedly and by-the-numbers.
-0.840 Young kid rapes and kills lots
-0.840 But I never loved LotR despite trying on three separate occasions, and Erickson spent that half hour repeatedly telling me how much he loved everything I disliked about Tolkien's storytelling.
-0.827 He soon learns that the enemy mastermind is also from Earth, and has laid the foundations for a new kind of war. ---- Review excerpts: "Unabashed genius.
-0.823 Given the insanity of their beliefs, I'm not at all surprise the poor kid had this fantasy in his head.
-0.813 No doubt he was narcissistic, no doubt he was tyrannical.
-0.808 Ah, but an author can write a character that is an arrogant piece of shit without being annoying about it.
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