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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.890 Your theories are much more creative and would make the the show much more interesting, so I hope you're right!
0.875 Harvey loves lots of sports, and many non-lawyer New Yorkers love baseball as well.
0.872 So, the genie gets to spend a longer period of time free from the lamp working on Aladdin's real wish AND preserves Aladdin's other two wishes so he increases his odds of ending up free.
0.867 I know that his claws retract into his forearm but I swear his wrist had to be straight for them to extend? Awesome panel either way.
0.844 I like all of these, and am happy to see a theory about The Good Place on here already.
0.831 I really like this theory and hope this one turns out to be true!
0.827 It's such a funny and unique show; I hope the rest of the season is as good as the first few episodes.
0.806 I bet Dumbledore has tons of highly powerful super magic, because teenagers are dicks.
0.784 One of the best comedies IMO.
0.784 Looks like /u/ICorrectYourTitle think the Man in Black is Logan, and I like that theory better.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.878 And the war finally ends. The war would also have ended when the humans lost.
-0.869 Mac is a silent killer and while he attempts to sneak up on the predator it is Mac who is snuck up on and killed.
-0.866 It primarily relies on its technological sophistication to overcome its quarry, yet in the end it is defeated by an oversized version of a dead fall trap, a paleolithic technology.
-0.836 No I'm just a shitty typist and terrible at grammar.
-0.772 Mac silently sneaks upon him like he silently sneaks up on the camp, silently kills the scorpion, and attempts to silently kill the Predator.
-0.758 If you think their fights get messy now just wait until every conflict with Hydra also has Tony and Rhodes popping up in Cap-Buster/Witch-Buster armor.
-0.747 I actually thought something similar, but I always thought the first direwolf showed Ned's death by leaving his family home for Kings Landing.
-0.666 And I'm not sure if he had to keep up whatever it was the whole length of that long ass pipe either.
-0.660 I do need to read Forever Evil though
-0.660 If they are force sensitive and evil then they'll have to be put down by obi/yoda/chewy Edit: autocorrect doesn't know who Yoda is
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