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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 I'm ok with the Railroad, but they are entirely focused on helping synths, which isn't a bad thing, but not conducive to making everybody in the Commonwealth safe.
0.922 Wow, that is a truly special and amazing story.
0.902 Honestly I love the idea- Oregon & Washington have large forests and beautiful cities and parks.
0.899 Our Overseer puts a ton of effort into this for sure, and is definitely one of the reasons why our game has been so enjoyable. That said, I've found the mechanics of the game to be pretty smooth.
0.898 I'm pretty certain it was just joking the dangers of theme parks and corporations only caring about profits rather than safety, similar to every other company in the universe.
0.897 I really loved it, so glad you liked it!
0.891 I love Fallout 4 just like I loved 3 and New Vegas.
0.885 That's a really great story, thanks for sharing it.
0.877 I loved the fact that it's so colorful and vibrant, instead of poopy brown/green like the other ones.
0.875 I know there's a pretty cool water creature mod that adds the Dolphins and fish into the game as creatures and I'm pretty sure they're adding in a squid to it using some unused textures

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.930 This has kept damage more consistent in the long run. If we just doubled the die roll, you can get situations where the damage roll was total ass or almost maxed out.
-0.917 It totally blew immersion for me sometimes when I would select the sarcastic option, and it's some brutally dark shit and it makes your companions angry.
-0.888 Ah shit I'm bad at lying aren't I
-0.883 But in general it's murder, steal, eat the corpse sure.
-0.872 Preston's constant pleas for me to go do stupid shit instead of exploring ruins didn't mesh with my groove.
-0.859 Also, if you're trying to avoid their murder lasers, try and fight them up close and personal.
-0.844 Fuck those cazadores to hell.
-0.836 I got so sick of the traps and gas clouds in dead money.
-0.836 Only to stop in the first episode because a dumb physics bug hurt you.
-0.836 That's 53 - 60 levels potentially wasted, and all done to get "perks" that just make you harder to kill.
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