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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.913 Awesome guy and sells them at great prices! Thanks again!
0.900 This sounds super exciting and is extremely generous of you!
0.900 Good luck in the future dude, I hope you're trading will go better then this!
0.897 I know you can't get your money back but I hope this makes you feel a little better :)
0.893 Yeah mate like I said theres a few trusted guys who are always super quick, your one of them.
0.892 I voted for Pauleta but honestly any of these guys would be great.
0.863 Thanks for the shoutout, it's always a pleasure doing business with you :)
0.848 Great seller, always great to work with.
0.836 Wow what a great seller.
0.827 Hope this helps, and stay safe in the future!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.869 I was sick and tired of the shit EA has done to the game and market.
-0.867 Sorry to say but PayPal don't cover buyer/seller protection on virtual goods :( what a dick that guy is though, sucks when people like that are around!
-0.836 The site is legit although their customer service sucks so if something goes wrong it's a pain to deal with.
-0.836 Fucking dirty cunt, I hope your mother gets cancer.
-0.796 Holy shit that sounds horrible.
-0.784 Anyway it's a damn shame and the lesson learned is it's always worth it to pay a buck or two more for a verified seller rather than losing out on what you budgeted to be your only buy.
-0.758 You can't trust the forums anymore since there's been scams left and right
-0.754 thanks for the heads up...this guy tried to scam me but because of this info you posted...i was alert.. this is who tried to scam me /u/zzzlaup95 i reported it...
-0.746 Not a scammer but a really shitty salesman.
-0.745 From my experience with military personnel, they don't take to kindly to stealing.
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