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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.925 I think you'd have to be pretty unempathetic with the deer to find this cute, funny or charming.
0.903 What's cuter than an excited dog? *Two* excited dogs :D
0.827 He may not know exactly what's going on but he knows that people are pleased with him and he's A Good Boy.
0.823 And it is great advice for a pet, but chances are for a stray dog, 'it's better than nothing.'
0.817 As a result, these industries have a large range of freedom. But in my opinion, the slaughter is not nearly the worst part.
0.816 Well, to there's another follow up video of him [here] talking to a Penn State coach, so maybe they won something or got some kind of special deal?
0.813 This is because the industry cares first and foremost about profit and efficiency, not animal welfare.
0.804 Simply put, that can't be done efficiently in the space we have available if we have these happy farms where animals are free to frolic about like most people delude themselves into believing.
0.778 I pledge allegiance to Harambe, of the cincinnati Zoo, and to the meme for which it stands, one Animal, under Harambe, with liberty and justice for Harambe.
0.765 This picture reminds me of "the adventures of Taxi Dog." My kids love that book.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.878 Or maybe the type of person who is willing to take a job that involves killing animals all day already tends to be kind of evil
-0.856 They think they own the place and their calls are motherfucking loud as hell.
-0.833 Indeed, but these dogs are a stray, so they are eating based off of unstable food supplies and have probably ate far more worse stuff than a cooked chicken leg.
-0.827 You said that in the wrong place motherfucker
-0.735 The deer is in pain and scared of it's wits.
-0.638 Everyone wants to look the other way because they don't want to believe that they might be participating in something so terrible.
-0.637 Mine hated to get dressed though.
-0.636 [Roollll ouutttt thooseeee hazy, lazy, crazy sloths of summeerrrr~!]
-0.625 But when *I* do it, I'm told I'm "lazy", and "endangering people's lives", and "the worst air traffic controller ever".
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