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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.817 Hope you revert to your earlier hair at the earliest! PS: You are gorgeous!
0.796 They always left me with that wonderful "that was good enough" feeling.
0.791 Once a friend told me that poptarts taste like soggy graham crackers, sure enough I cant untaste it now.
0.778 I've gotten some nice shots just with my 300mm, when the moon is low you can get it to look pretty large, or atleast capture what you're seeing better.
0.727 Yeah all the super large moon pics are taken with big telephoto lenses .
0.727 Good save with whatever you've done.
0.690 I actually like your version way better!
0.670 They do taste alright, but I honestly could not eat them once I found out what it was made out of.
0.637 9gag would love this.
0.637 that's what santa looks like in my dreams.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.859 Hes confused because this is a weak example of EvR; as this attention whore likely purchased this garment 3 sizes too small on purpose.
-0.784 Looks like a gross tits problem, not a clothing problem.
-0.719 That shit can't be good for you.
-0.718 No, I actually understand the financial mechanisms in place -- I'm not one of those assholes who claims the Federal Reserve is a private company, for example.
-0.718 > I think you should blame it on how shit fiat currency is instead.
-0.710 Crazy ass ENB.
-0.700 Holy shit, I had no idea these existed.
-0.696 How could that taste anything but horrible?
-0.681 Who the hell puts candy in a sundae?
-0.670 I need to try them so bad.
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