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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.951 Yeah this sounds pretty awesome XD count me in <3
0.947 and super awesome that your work feels easy because you love it!
0.940 I'm anticipating being very active in these exchanges and I have a couple hundred products with pretty good variety, so hopefully that will help ;)
0.921 I suppose I was thinking more along the lines of writing about my process, but perhaps a post simply talking about why I love a new item I created would be better.
0.921 Etsy has let me down countless times over the years, so I have to give them much praise at how perfectly awesome this whole process was!
0.918 I favorited it and tweeted some stuff as well! Feel free to check mine out, like yours, its a combination of a few friends making different stuff. https://www.etsy.com/shop/43sCustomCreations
0.916 i get more through Etsy but a pretty good number through google too...every little bit helps!
0.913 One of my best friends makes nursery letters and her turn around time is 6-8 weeks which is crazy to me but she does very well on Etsy and her shop has great reviews.
0.892 I mean, I *am* a nut, but that *that* much of a nut. Anyway, I hope you keep checking it out and let anyone else who might be interested in it know about it and maybe follow me if you like it.
0.891 Even really random ones would be awesome and for sure people from those particular fandoms would love it.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.902 Worst comes to worse, you leave a negative feedback on another seller's page, and they'll likely come around and fix it, because buyers so heavily rely on this %.
-0.872 Not to rain on the etsy parade, but I've found that trying to get rid of resellers is a losing battle :/
-0.831 It just gets so disheartening. Sorry for the diatribe, it's just the whole reseller/"vintage" items that are just shit from a garage sale gets me very irked sometimes.
-0.776 Ahhh you are right :( I just never had a case opened against me on Paypal so I panicked.
-0.772 Too often, unfortunately, I've found that they've been dead ends.
-0.735 If you can you might be able to sue for Punitive damages. Talk to a lawyer.
-0.710 I'm no stranger to falling outs with business partners...it's always a shame.
-0.681 But, the witch hunt was so loud and ranty and obnoxious that Etsy caved and shut these girls down. That's one of the reasons I was glad to see the forums broken down.
-0.671 so it evens out. I don't like thinking about including those in cost, because it is unfair in a way...shipping costs to Belize run about nine bucks!
-0.670 They do that when reviews contain blatant lies, or complaints about things out of your control.
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