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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.922 I have no fucking idea, but 20-25 would be great, charge more for the best looking prints.
0.912 If you're ever in need of a software developer I'd love to offer a helping hand to support your cause!
0.908 Main image took like 10 seconds to load. "Start building App for free" should be "start building an app for free" or "start building apps for free"
0.904 That's amazing, congrats on your success! 1.
0.891 If you can punctuate your feedback with honest praises as well (I really like the way you've put up testimonials.
0.881 Because happy employees, work and perform to the best of their ability. If I had access to capital, I could try to implement a lot of this on a much faster scale.
0.878 I see a lot of success here in Silicon Valley and its through great ideas, execution on those ideas, a little luck, and a ton of hard work.
0.878 Go ahead and do it, it's a good idea. However, it would be in your best interest not to tell anyone where you found the leads.
0.878 Great, thanks a lot for sharing!
0.866 Though its ineffective, it's the best you can get in the beginning. If you want to grow a blog you'll need the initial users to support you & keep you going :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.912 Imagine if by being negative you pissed someone off and he/she decided to write negative things about you.
-0.848 He's the worst of the worst.
-0.778 no inventory no assets no liability low insurance costs lots of tax writeoffs
-0.778 Working my ass off. 9 years ago I took over a semi failing small business.
-0.778 Failure is a part of success." I even put my failures on my resume, cuz you're damn right they made me wiser.
-0.772 I get that the numbers work and it might even be just bothersome to a very small demo but the hate is real.
-0.765 This leads to bad constipation and a crying kid who can't poops for days.
-0.758 If someone says "no" or rejects my idea, I just think they're an idiot and move on.
-0.710 Sure, I'm dumb, but telling me that isn't going to win you my contract!
-0.700 Hate it when people post advice vaguely disguised as bs.
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