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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.949 Lmao Obama got a Reagan level landslide, winning pretty much every swing state and winning popular by 10 million.
0.922 Nice comment history in t_d you have there, I see you REALLY love making fun of both candidates, as long as that candidates name is "Hillary Clinton"
0.917 But I'm pretty happy about hearing how all those very special special snowflakes are getting their flurries ruffled.
0.903 They did help Hillary out by giving her the questions, but honestly anyone who should be prepared to be president should be ready for debate night whether they have the questions or not.
0.902 As much as I like Socialism and Communism, I just think we'll have to live in a capitalist world making progress towards a unified future until something like 95% of people support communism.
0.897 and it's fucking hilarious watching the other half of H supporters that can't handle losing after being told that they were going to win for months and months. also my hdi > yours.
0.892 There's nothing unassailable about my, or anyone's moral beliefs, but to the extent someone values rational supporting arguments, I think some moral beliefs can be supported better than others.
0.889 He's awesome, and I love the guy as a president way more than our current president-elect, but he's hardly the greatest president ever.
0.879 Not because she's perfect, but because she's a competent and skilled politician with a lot of the same values as me who won't destroy us and put white supremacists in the white house.
0.872 It seems like the best thing for his ego is to save face at that point.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.952 You're more likely to be murdered by a cop than die in a terrorist attack in the USA.
-0.950 You are more likely to be killed by a TV falling on you, than by a terrorist attack. Are we just supposed to accept that TV killings are a part of life now?
-0.948 We need a president that brutally insults and ridicules other countries in times of grief and sorrow that will further project the alt-right's image of being a bunch of water-headed glass lickers!
-0.941 Between this and the other similar comic on the front page, we have the words retarded and faggot used as synonyms for shitty or wrong.
-0.935 Hate leads to suffering. If you give in to anger and hate, you're one of them.
-0.935 Their racism and hatred for anyone different is disturbing and depressing.
-0.933 I'm not sure what exactly that is, but blind rage is the wrong thing to do.
-0.920 That being said, it's also very dishonest to equate violent protests and riots to political blockading.
-0.917 so just stop shouting about how Comey is a bad guy, and just admit that you're pissed because his doing his duty is bad for your candidate.
-0.912 > No other racism exists to these Nazis. No other racism *offends* these Nazis, you mean.
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