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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 Did you see recently about the one nobel peace prize winner bombing the army of another nobel peace prize winner?
0.946 I pretty sure support for TPP goes up the more one values free trade and believes in the benefits of globalization.
0.938 Yeah but it's much easier to ensure public policy backs causes like Uber if there is data which unequivocally proves that the cause is better.
0.929 That's true but you would expect the gap between estimated market return and APR on credit to remain relatively stable because investors would expect a certain rate of return above the interest rate.
0.927 Best as in best outcome, or best as in even vaguely realistic?
0.927 Great pay, while still having the benefits of great health care, affordable rent, and leisure in the Netherlands.
0.923 Just like how Donald Trump's dad was rich, and Donald Trump is now rich, and his kids will be rich.
0.923 How much of this wealth is illusory due to international "hot money" speculation by foreign financial interests? Any massive increase of wealth over a short period of time seems like a bubble.
0.922 Haha, this post is more popular than the one about the new Nobel Prize in Economics winner.
0.920 For the rich trust fund kids, it's just to make mummy and daddy happy and to fit in.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.964 Vegas cabs are the same, except they're thieves, druggies, rapists, murderers and criminals in addition to being bad at their jobs.
-0.944 I know a few people that got burned buying some trash tier shitty 720p 32'' tv for 100 bucks that had dead pixels, shit color reproduction, dog shit blacks etc..
-0.944 Means testing is the stupidest shit ever, it incentives the lazy who never save for retirement while punishing those that did save for retirement.
-0.922 The job sucked, but the alternatives are worse. That's still horrific reasoning.
-0.922 Not all poor people make bad life decisions, but most people who make bad life decisions are poor.
-0.919 but in case anyone reading this reaches the conclusion that certain people are inherently bad with money and so combating poverty is a losing battle, I want to draw some careful distinctions.
-0.919 I believe the old saying goes: No one plans to fail but many people fail to plan, which is why they remain poor!
-0.917 The change in violent crime is significant, though. Tl;dr we know violent crime went down, we don't know if drug use and theft increased.
-0.914 While the parallel between household debt and federal government debt is obviously stupid for a number of reasons, it shows how petty the current battles over relatively tiny cuts in the budget are.
-0.906 > When I was a poor college student Without fail a whole bunch of ignorant shit follows this statement.
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