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0.904 For a healthy and young to middle age person, one egg a day is perfectly fine; probably even two per day is just fine depending on how active you are and what else you eat.
0.881 I also forgot that I do sauteed onions with the sweet potatoes and black beans - it balances the two pretty nicely and works well with the same seasonings.
0.877 I use skinnytaste, although not all of their recipes are cheap, I find most to be pretty inexpensive and super healthy.
0.859 Black beans and cubed sweet potatoes make great tacos as well!
0.851 you're fine, it's not going to hurt you. Hope that's helpful?
0.849 and I've been eating canned tuna daily for the last three months. What am I supposed to do, I love it when its in the olive oil, and its so easy to prepare!
0.848 Great taste, great nutritions.
0.848 I'll give this a shot, I had a huge bag of potatoes that were starting to sprout so this will be great, thank you!
0.836 It's so easy to make it completely differently each week based on what's on sale, it tastes better the longer it's frozen usually, and it can give you a nice variety of veggies.
0.827 It's tastes real good if you like a strong flavor.

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-0.866 Severe depression, anxiety, OCD, and an eating disorder here.
-0.835 I love these recipes but as a resident of northeast Ohio, avocados are a luxury vegetable. Edit: limes too, also why the fuck are green peppers so damn expensive in Ohio right now?
-0.796 It doesn't make the meat worse, it makes the situation worse, because now you've potentially contaminated the entire sink without helping the bacteria situation at all.
-0.700 Unfortunately I no longer own that thermos Now that I'm no longer traveling, I still make up my own recipes and set into jars.
-0.670 Citrus rinds/peels, tea, and coffee will all be very bitter, and thus not good for stock.
-0.660 One particular student was a delinquent who would frequently get into fights and all kinds of trouble.
-0.648 I grew up with paranoid parents and not a great home ec class so I have always been iffy on eating meats that weren't freshly cooked.
-0.637 SPCA - society for prevention of carrot abuse.
-0.637 Then I dump everything in and let it come to a boil, then turn it to the lowest setting and let it simmer as long as possible.
-0.631 2 cans per week but I could be wrong.
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