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0.949 I'm pretty devoted to photography right now and love sharing the amazing scenes I'm able to experience.
0.944 Wow that is pretty amazing, how do you manage your daily lifestyle like food shopping, entertainment etc.?
0.934 :) Great picture though, that's a pretty amazing shot.
0.918 You can look up tutorials on youtube which are super useful. Good luck man!
0.917 Beautiful shot, love that place. If anyone is curious about what the hike into this area is like, I shot [a video] there a few years back.
0.898 I stopped by here on my way to Yosemite and loved it, the small towns around the area are interesting as well, if anyone is going from Vegas - SF take the longer route and see some amazing mountains!
0.883 Ashdown Forest located in East Sussex in the south of England is part of the High Weald Area of outstanding Natural Beauty .
0.883 Bellingham is so god damn beautiful - I love the North West!!!!
0.876 Went there last August, it was really foggy but the Isle of Skye still offered amazing views like this one!!
0.872 Squaw peak is a good one, it's easy, the view is great.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.910 Where do bad folks go when they die? They don't go to heaven where the angels fly. They go to a lake of fire and fry.
-0.848 A sidewalk that is slanted and can be slippery with ice and that will kill you if you make a bad step.
-0.846 It may be used communally, but you can't barely eat the stuff . It's torture in the name of tradition, there's no necessity at all.
-0.836 I ended up switching socks and shoes with my mom because she hadn't expected it to be that bad and had the cheapest, shittiest walking shoes and dollar tree socks ever.
-0.832 its sad that the government is going to kill 40,000 wild horses soon to make room for cattle ranches..
-0.807 After industrialization the river became polluted, and the city is now filled with smog. Such a shame, the city I live in.
-0.805 > I'm not sure I'd call rocks on dirt in the middle of a place called "Death Valley" magic.
-0.802 No lights :( And to make things worse I have an app that tracks northern lights activity.
-0.778 I think the insulting thing about calling something a "shitty desert" is the "shitty" part.
-0.765 I quickly meet some dead ends and realize I had lost the trail.
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