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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.905 Scott's tots is a little too much cringe for me, but the dinner party is probably my favorite episode of the office of all time despite all the cringe lol
0.888 Thanks OP, that website is pretty awesome!
0.878 I can certainly appreciate any approach to The Office viewership, everyone should enjoy it however they like!
0.860 She only had one moment where I didn't dislike her, and that was when Andy left DM to pursue "fame of any kind" and she gave him that speech about how he shouldn't let pride ruin his life.
0.856 Pretty sure it only has four episodes but it's still great.
0.852 It perfectly showcases what a great guy Jim is.
0.852 I'm quite literally watching that scene right now as I type this. I love how Kevin just sits and nails 4 free throws after the game.
0.844 If you wanna be a dick that makes fun of how people looks because it makes you feel good about yourself, I could honestly care less.
0.840 to be in your shoes. Enjoy it man, it's only gonna get better and better.
0.823 I'm selling more than cylinders of scented wax, I'm selling boldness, attitude, encouragement and confidence.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.848 Cold, arrogant, incompetent suck up.
-0.778 I can't even remember her name, but I hated her.
-0.742 I CRIED SO HARD when Michael left, it felt like I lost a father.
-0.727 >my friend's bro >michael's funeral >deleted because illegal >please upvote and comment Not even subtle.
-0.727 Holy shit I can't watch that scene because no matter how hard I try I end up tearing.
-0.712 On your mark. Get set. DIE!
-0.709 That should scare you, it scares me!
-0.686 His realization in this scene is not that he's been a bully to dwight, but rather that he's been wasting his time at the Scranton branch pranking Dwight.
-0.675 There aren't that many fun moments to me, I didn't really enjoy Bob Kazamakis that much.
-0.670 I really hated that they completely changed the character of Pam's mom.
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