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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.929 It's a new friend, their friend hadn't mentioned it previously, their friend is in denial, OP thought his/her friend was joking everytime they mentioned that their mother is dead...
0.912 If you were a kid then you had the best best friend ever.
0.910 Wow, you're like super cool.
0.896 I love a good happy ending.
0.890 >I confessed my love to the girls of my dreams while bawling my eyes out Totally drunk. >and giving her all the change in my pocket so she tells me she loves me back ...kid?
0.876 We normally just drink and play cards, video game, or try and do what I like to call "drunk engineering", but if anything gets out of hand again I will definatly post again :)
0.870 The best thing was the pictures in my head as I read about this beautiful moment in your life.
0.863 This is like the best feel good flick I never saw.
0.859 Yeah I got in a bit of trouble, but we have a good laugh about it now.
0.850 Did we just become best friends?!?!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.954 18 years old is enough to fuck women, get yourself killed in a war, give yourself lung cancer, and buy beer in any sane country.
-0.922 Then he was talking to a guy who was in the Marines, and half an hour later he was screaming and crying about how Jethro had died in the war.
-0.915 this is fucking dumb as shit, drunk teenybopper "I HAVVBE NO LEGS BECSUSE IM DRENK", doesnt recall a thing from the night and assumes they where fuckin tripping balls .
-0.905 Plus no mention of parents going "WTF YOU BEAT THEM TO DEATH?" and then beating their own child to death. Betting rich and apathetic parents.
-0.904 I may be biased because I'm in highschool but let me say, when students are given responsibility, they might fuck it up for awhile but they'll soon learn to get their shit together.
-0.898 go grab it, eat some of its raw flesh, then if you get violently ill, it was probably dead. edit.
-0.885 Your mommas so dead she died
-0.883 I...I mean, points for creativity, but negative points for insanity.
-0.855 I almost downvoted before I read your comment and then i was more ashamed that I didn't get it immediately :-( i'm a horrible internet user.
-0.852 I remember my first beer. You're in high school, stop being an idiot and drinking during school, it'll ruin your life.
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