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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.975 Try shrooms, they are more intense on the mind, but are less active and stimulating than LSD, in fact, I find shrooms super recreational and super fun to do.
0.958 I wish you luck in your experiences, I highly recommend drugs like Shrooms, DMT, and Ketamine as they are just fantastic substances that greatly influecne the mind in great ways.
0.948 Did them at 16 and its my favorite long-lasting psychedelic. Just go in with a clear mind, meditate on your thoughts and have a great time, should be an amazing experience :)
0.947 Don't forget it, you are a beautiful, special human being and people care about you. I hope everything works out man, keep your head up :)
0.940 Have a great time dude, one of my favorites :) sending good vibes <3
0.929 Sounds pretty good, excited to listen to it later :) thanks for the suggestion!
0.923 glad it ended with you being safe, remember it's always good to have a benzo on hand to calm you down during a trip if needed.
0.922 thank you, and do you think i should try and play it safe and use someone elses urine or does it seem like theres a good chance i'll pass in your opinion?
0.921 I've never tried it myself but it's on the to do list, from what I've read if you enjoy the DXM and LSD experiences on their own you will definitely enjoy the combination.
0.920 I had like the best week of my life not so long ago... I was pretty much just a kid with a fascination of psychedelic drugs.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.981 I'm not addicted, but I got a little buzz before and I hated it, Made me feel so shitty, and the next day I was depressed AF, I'll smoke with friends n shit, but like alone hell nah
-0.953 The effects can compound, but there's no inherent danger besides the risk of that comes with being too fucked up.
-0.947 "Aaaand the award for the dumbest comment of all time goes to" You're one of those guys that complains when an old lady kills some cunt that's in her house stealing shit, aren't you?
-0.947 They told me the only time they can break confidentiality is child abuse, elder abuse, harm to self, or harm to others.
-0.932 This is such shit, why would you spread this fud, ffs. As an aside whoever you are, go fuck yourself, seriously.
-0.918 The fucking bureaucracy is literally killing people with failed policies for 30 years when the opiates epidemic should probably involve the CDC as this shit went global.
-0.907 No more! 3) Motherfucker stop going out and buying all this junk food, rationally it is no bueno for you!
-0.904 I felt bad, and still feel very bad, for people that abuse drugs and take a toll on their body.
-0.891 im just so tired of being tired and sad.
-0.883 No one is "at fault" for bipolar disorder or depression.
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