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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.982 Im working on sphere of destruction, but i already beat the tar out of all the missions super easy with level 80 electric strike ultimate and Super Vegeta 2 spamfest 2015 truly, truly glorious
0.940 There is in fact a Super Vegeta 2, best Ki super boost.
0.921 But I've easily got my moneys worth already so extremely happy :D
0.916 It is worth it on it's own, but it gets significantly better if you equip Maximum Charge and/or It's a Super Saiyan Bargain Sale .
0.908 yeah agreed it is a great game, combining my two childhood loves!
0.906 I fucking love Cell Jr. They're about the only AI fighter that won't go full retard when they should be winning.
0.899 The more we beat the shit out of u the better u get glass half full :D
0.886 Nice, I got it on my first try too, I was super happy.
0.886 Oh I don't like the idle in lobbies but people love to just sit around city hubs and just "chill" with friends.
0.886 Good luck with 1.1.8 and be sure to enjoy it.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.920 Second attempt, Angry Shout and Super Vegeta 2. On the flip side, Death Slash, Death Ball, and Assault Rain all took me more than 24 hours each to obtain.
-0.905 That pun is so awful it should be a war crime.
-0.902 Go to item shop, purchase the capsule that restore's allies blood, retry and Bardock gets ruined without being able to get healed. shit is fucked up.
-0.888 i see all these guys do some crazy ass shit in Parallell Quest and i'm still stuck with chain destructo disk.
-0.866 I have gotten, Devil Nigger V.
-0.844 Poor Krillin he only died twice in DBZ, but the amount of ass whoopins is legendary.
-0.830 Besides emailing support@namco.com where else can we complain about this? It's fucking bullshit that you can't play single player without doing some tricks to get offline.
-0.813 i read that it may be Burter's ultimate, but how the hell do you get that?
-0.807 The worst enemies I have encountered are 17 and 18 in tandem.
-0.796 Enemies lunge forward and move very sporadically and I have had occasional problems with Piccolo "flash stepping" when running, as he'll teleport a few feet in front of him and then stop moving.
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