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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.977 Looks like I go out swinging, but I still predicted og to win it all, so best of luck to them :)
0.975 they way i see it 1 strength hero arcana, 3 agility hero arcana and 4 intelligence hero arcana...if u ask me i think strength hero should get an arcana
0.975 Personally I'm very mannered, but I know some of my friends almost straight up grief when they party with other friends :D For fun of course, cause thats not how they usually play.
0.973 And yep, I just bought the [pass] to cheer you up :D So don't feel too bad, don't kill the game I love <3
0.973 Thank your for explaining the joke we appreciate it <3 :) xd :3 :D
0.966 I am obviously an EG and NP fan, but I have played with a few Greek friends in Dota and they are always so nice and good people!
0.964 If we had more people like him, the gaming industry would be much better off with talented and passionate people happily working and achieving great things.
0.962 Best captain - checked; Best offlane - checked; Best position 6 - checked; Best bromance - checked; Team Secret guaranteed Top 16 in TI6.
0.962 Hope him all the best and hope he goes on to create something awesome with Team NP!
0.955 At Ti6 or a major they want fun but not too much fun, but at memelege they want it super casual and jokey.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.971 If you make a shitty game people are going to call your shitty game shit, if you make shitty cars people are going to call your shitty cars shit.
-0.966 1 "1 '1 "1 '1 dagger and im die' and im die" and im die' and im die" and im die
-0.961 Last hits as far as i know is getting the last killing blow to an enemy character to get the money, and denying is how you kill your own allies so that the enemies cant get the last hit.
-0.960 no no no no no no no no no no no no...
-0.959 The gold lost on farm speed is easily covered by the retarded kill gold you get now, so building into early fighting items just nets you more damage and kills.
-0.957 "Throughout the year the weirdest interactions with Matt would be whenever I ask him whether he gets paid, hell just be sad and ignore me." Fuck man, this makes me sad.
-0.955 > James is an ass You fucking what? Gabe, you fire him for being unprofessional and then fire him in one of the most unprofessional manners I have ever seen. Fuck.
-0.952 Shit too bad I can't stop flaming--any girl would be disgusted by the shit I say to the enemy team!
-0.951 LESS shit = STILL shit "get used to it!" is such a shitty statement when the new UI is just so broken compared to the old.
-0.944 \>Illusion spam attacking my base \> My time to shine \> Sleight the illusions \> Do 5 damage \> Silenced and killed Need some ember buffs :(
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