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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.929 Well it is but sometimes masturbation can improve stamina in the bedroom. Athletes visualize the shit out of everything they do.
0.925 Yes, everyone on this site loves that, also popular is with the AC down and a huge comforter.
0.922 I love bacon like the rest of them and think it definitely makes some food stuffs amazing.
0.922 34 year old here - and yes, the 1990's still feel like 10 years ago, but I am so thankful to have had a childhood and teen life without the pains of social media.
0.919 I would if I saw that post, but I have yet to see it so I guess my Facebook friends are pretty smart.
0.915 if you let that go and trust that what others hear is perfectly fine, then you will come to peace with it..
0.914 One of the best things ever to me is sleeping during a storm, the thunder and rain noises make me sleep SUPER good.
0.912 BONUS: have a clean pair of socks already ready to go on the chair-arm upon arrival =)
0.906 I love seeing like " 70 mph hurricane winds " on TV and actually going outside to see if its true lol.
0.906 one way that I have learned to understand it is that my Dogs are as interested in the safety of our dwelling place as I am, and for the most part I trust and respect that.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.982 Die die die die die die die
-0.955 No one else is racist, no one else is suggesting a third Iraq war for oil, and no one else passes laws that say people can turn gays away from hospitals to die in the streets.
-0.939 When it actually hurts I'll yell FUCKING SHIT GODDAMMIT FUCK
-0.927 It conjured up mental imagery of evil spirits entering my house, with the dog and cat freaking out, and the baby crying, and I would just be left completely helpless.
-0.927 My dogs are all gone sadly and I'm pretty sure my cats would show an axe murderer where I was hiding because cats are evil little bastards.
-0.926 Hate that shit, don't like when somebody messes with images in my head. But the worst thing is to read the book after the movie.
-0.901 Most redditors are hopelessly addicted to porn because they are lonely and pathetic so they do whatever they can to normalize their obsession with porn.
-0.896 Wtf mirror lying to me and shit.
-0.893 It just made me uncomfortable and unhappy when the poor kid just kept making things worse for his monster friends and they just kept getting mad and buthurt every two seconds.
-0.891 computers, automobiles, etc.. Picture how many stupid things people do to ruin their computers, let their vehicles get worn right out, give their credit card numbers to scams online, etc.
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