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0.970 Tompkins is great fun, only thing I'm not sure about is that laugh track, it was pretty distracting. Show looks great though just wish laugh tracks had never been invented.
0.957 Wooh, welcome to the club :) DMing is awesome, especially when you have players really gettin into it. btw, i love what Mercer does, big inspiration, also i try to learn from his voice acting.
0.950 Really great post, and I enjoy your tone ranging from entertaining and critical, to earnest and thoughtfully inviting the community to challenge your opinions.
0.944 Roll an intelligence based save. 1 You are now insane. Roll a constitution based save. 1 A demon possesses you. Roll a wisdom based save. 1 You don't know who your party are.
0.939 I'm always the person who makes 2-3 different characters then picks the one that I think will fit in best with the party dynamic. But, if your players are game, I'd say have fun!
0.938 Not magical in the slightest, but fun flavour and fit my character and her style perfectly.
0.934 Go more Bard for that good tag-team throw down where you support your friends for justice and sweet 2-man pile driver techniques. And just remember...
0.933 So yeah anyway glad I could help. Oh hey Gorandark the Great Barbarian, yeah here's a Page 2 for ya, can't believe they still haven't found their stapler...
0.930 Your DM is certainly welcome to their own interpretation, but I hope that post can help clear it up for you!
0.927 My party have made their claim to fame as a group of adventuring noble people, with the lead of the party actually given control of a Duchy in a kingdom.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.940 You can remove up to two enemies from combat, soak up/reduce a hell of a lot of damage, all while being a Pro-Wrestling Bard. Hell of a fun build.
-0.939 I had a Chaotic Neutral sorcerer who shifted to Chaotic Good after he had been temporarily infected by a zombie fungus and subsequently watched the city guard kill the infected with impunity.
-0.937 Do something to instill fear into his character. Hell, just have Strahd appear, say, "Stop killing the people in my lands or you will not be long for this world."
-0.927 On my turn I sprayed them all with the flamethrower killing one of the knights outright and forcing the other one to flee - it died shortly from the ongoing fire damage.
-0.923 Dude, I changed SO MUCH SHIT in LMoP. For example, Phandalin is currently under attack by an Orc War Chief who also wants to find the mine.
-0.923 So we all made our character's main goals to go to Evil Evil Bad Place.
-0.916 I'm new here but what is BBEG Big bad evil guy?
-0.912 Our Goblin Bard/traveling salesman, Gavlan Goldclaw, killed a dragon by insulting it to death.
-0.906 Even though he already told me he hated combat and actually started a goddamn unnecessery fight with some Ettins in their cave.
-0.902 Pro tip: Sentient weapons with higher charisma than you, who are also more evil than you, are a bad combination with a very persuasive DM.
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