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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 I'm one of those "gets super stressed out" in hc people, but if you ever plan to/do play non-hc, would love to party up with some new peeps.
0.928 Best Lightning Talk so far, congrats Non Thareechit for a good informative talk. Thanks.
0.927 This could either be through embracing controllers, but I honestly feel like this misses some of the best parts about playing on PC.
0.898 Treat the leveling process like a long tutorial, experiment with skills and runes to find the ones you like best.
0.894 I was about to address this, so glad someone who I admire posted this before, you got your shit straight Rhykker, glad to be a fan!
0.889 not all of the community is happy with the direction that game is going. While i truely enjoy PoE this is so true.
0.883 Or you took your pc to a friend and made a direct connection via null modem cable. Good times. I came from r/all and I think D1 ist still the best one ;).
0.881 Some of us enjoy the race to Top 1000/Top 100/Top 10, and those who don't enjoy it can simply opt out by not making a season toon :)
0.869 If you have a seasonal character you can follow a series of "quests" that reward you with a free set of powerful armor that varies between the different classes.
0.866 Once you hit 70 there are tons of builds and "fresh 70" guides online that can help you turn your hero into a God.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.883 > I hate killing characters for no reason.
-0.883 As a noob one-punch monk, I can solo grift 60+ with mediocre gear, but had difficulty killing these bosses within the time limit.
-0.861 I am still missing an ancient bow which is a big problem for my char, but I went ahead and replaced Gunes with Magefist in the cube to make up for the missing damage.
-0.860 Here's what the deleted comment said: >t's a dead game, and they have given up. >Deal with it. That adds nothing of value, is incorrect, and is insulting.
-0.840 Three is doable, but so far I don't have a perfect success rate on that.
-0.840 For one, you're conflating CTS with repetitive stress injury - that's a *very* common mistake.
-0.831 It doesnt feel very exciting to play a fire mage dealing acres of AOE damage when a lightning mage also deals acres of AOE damage as does freeze mage.
-0.813 but it gets dull real fast for me :(
-0.805 Leah was supposed to replace Cain, but then they went and killed her too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkXf1aR2LXA
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