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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.922 This is perfect; the opportunity to have magical little places like this is really the best reason to own a home/apartment. Is there anything more about this?
0.906 This feels like someone started to have a clever idea but then it wasn't developed into looking more aesthetically pleasing and interesting.
0.899 I'll stick to porcelain, but that's pretty great wood work there.
0.898 Truly great design is both beautiful *and* functional.
0.896 A precious relic of the past, the ancient torso inspired the creative vision of the modern artist. Except the statue of Hadrian appears as if it could have been produced by a single artist.
0.892 Yeah but that's like the best part
0.891 I'd love to get something beautiful and astronomy or space-themed like this, maybe around the $1,000 mark.
0.875 He also designed this cute [LEGO transporter for kids]. Also, /r/ProductPorn will love this for sure.
0.875 What a great innovation for festive packaging!
0.872 wow, people really do advertise these with the buzz word "zero-gravity", that's pretty funny.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.877 I feel so goddamn guilty every time I get water and soap all over the counter surface at restaurants with shitty sinks.
-0.859 On top of that, I think it's extremely ugly - the red gold looks cheap, the planets look daft, the months rotate the wrong way and are written in an ugly typeface and the star indicator is very twee.
-0.856 As someone who is disgusted by loose hairs in the shower and tub, this looks terrifying.
-0.856 One drunk walk of shame and I would die.
-0.840 Maybe I'm missing something, but where the hell does the water come in from then?
-0.821 It would be a shame to use it, especially since I routinely abuse my keyboards.
-0.813 I would ruin this with crumbs and shit and my ejaculate
-0.801 Fuck him for being wrong on the internet!!
-0.796 Oh hell no!
-0.789 Well...in this case, the function *is* the design, so a problem with the function is a problem with the design.
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