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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.802 I love the rsvp design and faultless technical skill all around.
0.791 This is awesome, thanks so much
0.784 I just found it surprising because the actual invite says 'death' and a wedding is love.
0.778 The thing was that iPhone especially just made the whole experience super simple and enjoyable, and had, at the time, an enormous screen.
0.772 They were always super powerful .
0.751 And whats the best technique for creating these shapes. blend tool?
0.751 those face filter things) during a party, which would attract a few other people to share what they found.
0.735 For me, it's nearly impossible to be truly comfortable in.
0.727 I hope that cleared things up for you lol.
0.681 Why would you build a bathroom on top of a cool, deep shaft like that?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.742 All sorts of crazy shit!
-0.718 They really messed it up with Symbian, the platform was always fragmented, but then they also added the poor touch variants, and for a really long time, didn't seem to know what they were doing.
-0.705 Strongly agree - it's so frustrating to find a really nice lamp but have to reject it because the damn switch is on the cord.
-0.625 I guess im person type number three, proponent for killing the apostrophe.
-0.585 Decepticoons, transform and rise up! ...No, bad idea, probably.
-0.574 I fear that we haven't quite reached this level yet.
-0.572 I pointed out the negative space "flying bird" to my roomate...he didn't get it.
-0.571 Damnit Uncle Mickey!
-0.511 Ugly and pedantic little thing.
-0.509 The Japanese would find your Tokyo design very offensive.
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