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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.902 Places like coursea and Google offer free intro courses to machine learning, definitely worth checking out if you are interested.
0.886 wow, that point about weed smoking is super interesting.
0.879 You can be born with a certain level of intuition but the people who reach true genius level are those that are obsessed. I love Bobby Fischer as an example.
0.875 I wish I'd see more content I hadn't already read before on here, but I guess that means I've got a pretty good selection of subreddits
0.874 The image of the starving artist is true because enough people care more about producing something which inspires them more than being rich .
0.823 I feel pretty good about my subscription choices, because I feel like I always read a comment at its source a few hours before I see it again here on DepthHub.
0.818 With true genius it's pretty common to have things like underlying theory be pure intuition.
0.807 Great find, thanks!
0.796 The best writers write much more slowly than everyone else, and the better they are, the slower they write.
0.792 The time between the order and a launch is believed to be about [4 minutes], so good luck with that

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.743 You literally have to click a button just to see comment with a negative score, and the negative score isn't based on how well you actually understand a topic.
-0.735 I don't really watch anime anymore, but even I know that the amount of anime produced every year is obscene.
-0.727 It's been ~70 years since a major population center was destroyed by nuclear weapons.
-0.715 This is either very difficult or undesirable to replicate because it is very rarely done.
-0.696 This is an example of the conflict that's going to only become more and more problematic in the future: market capitalism vs.
-0.681 Lack of oxygen because of low blood flow If pressure could make you pass out we wouldn't be able to board planes or dive in oceans.
-0.680 Within our lifetimes, we'll almost certainly be reminded of how cruel nuclear weapons are.
-0.670 My problem is I have a permanent retainer wire bonded to my front teeth, so I can't really floss the parts that matter :(
-0.625 It failed in this respect. Syria is a mess, but not particularly a Western made mess.
-0.612 If the top brass in the Pentagon decides that the order is illegal, it will end there . There is no mechanism for this.
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