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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.921 but the lives he >touched will continue to be brightened by his light >...forever...and ever." Well, that was beautiful.
0.831 Pretty much all front engine, rear wheel drive cars have them, It's how the drive shaft connects to the rear axel, I've replaced mine and it doesn't look exactly like that but it's still pretty cool
0.784 I got it after their comeback win in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.
0.778 Take my strong hand!
0.772 Most if not all China people look up to him because of his loyalty, and inner strength.
0.735 Not sure that's the message you should take from a clearly exaggerated "feel good about caring about bad things infographic".
0.710 You can see it pretty clearly here: https://imgur.com/gallery/6rPkOYq
0.700 I will be glad if I get some gold lol.
0.696 it will be a solenoid, but the number of turns is pretty small.
0.689 That was fucking awesome!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.784 The second: probably died of chronic renal failure .
-0.774 Missed the driver coming back and saying WTF?
-0.713 From the thumbnail, that trout looks PISSED.
-0.710 Usually a copper/nickle/steel/aluminium coating on them but once they're fired, that's all raw lead on the inside.
-0.692 I personally didn't like it...so people do exist even if we recognize critics like it!
-0.681 You have never heard of someone surviving a gunshot but dying from lead poisoning.
-0.649 Disappointed that there is no gif link.
-0.612 Essentially, what you have there is a very large resistor which is going to restrict the flow of current while simultaneously getting *very* hot. This design is a guaranteed house fire.
-0.612 More difficult, and just weirdly different.
-0.611 What horror!
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