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0.969 omg, this is really great stuff, definetly one of the best videos ever seen, so genuine, so amazing, thx for sharing that!!!
0.959 It is definitely awesome that it's becoming more mainstream, however after watching it it's pretty clear to me that they're making fun of pretty much all aspects of it.
0.950 Now I can't help but think I would do anything you wanted just at a chance to make you happy or entertained. Are you at all interested in an additional sub to add to your stable?
0.949 If I were single I might be hitting you up with a PM right about now, but as it is I'm just going to give you a RES tag so I can follow your adventures with great interest :-)
0.939 loved seeing you guys enjoying yourselves, and would love to see more if you consider sharing!
0.935 If you two do meet up, please post another gallery I am sure wed all love to see more like this lol
0.927 Wow this is great, thanks for sharing.
0.927 And big request here, but I'm sure everyone would love to hear her say how much better your big one is vs.
0.923 Wives love it :) Husbands love seeing me stretch out their wives ;)
0.923 I can only imagine the cuckold angst you must feel seeing them smiling and laughing as they are passionately kissing.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.871 He fucks the absolute Hell out of her!!!!
-0.866 Did he fuck you or did you only suck his dick?
-0.864 I'm all for weird shit, and I don't hate cuckolding but slapping a mask on someone calling her a slut and sending the vid to his bf is just fucking disturbing, the woman agreeing to this even more...
-0.859 I feel so intimidated by this guy's performance on that chick, I'd actually be afraid that he did that to my girlfriend, in fear of being made totally useless in comparison...
-0.840 Nothing gets my dick harder than watching her get fucked and creampied by her bull!
-0.839 But we all know that deep down, your comparison of us to the "common man" is just the last cry from a racist for more black cock.
-0.836 BTW, do you know her "fuck count" - the total amount of guys she's fucked?
-0.833 I might die of sudden blood loss to my RAGING BONER if my gf sent me something like that.
-0.823 In the next scene, he watches as two men have sex with his wife, this makes him start writhing on the floor in mental anguish while saying he is a pathetic worm.
-0.823 This makes me sad :/ I think I'm in the wrong sub
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