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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.955 The next image on his album must be a fantasy where he protects a fair little pretty pony from the horrible phallocentric tyranny, then they fell in love and made sweet, sweet love.
0.929 I just think the supreme Court is a super focal point of this election, and I genuinely trust hillary to pick better quality justices.
0.927 If only he loved to laugh and made a good friend
0.896 If you'd like to save yourself some time, just write Vermin Supreme on a regular piece of paper and then throw it away without ever leaving the comfort of your home.
0.894 As much as I am a very passionate supporter of the LGBTQIATBHFAM movement, I don't think upsetting the Balance of Power to this degree is such a wise idea.
0.881 Of course not, but some people do know at that age :) So if you continue to be sure into your teens you can go on hormone blockers until you're ready to decide.
0.875 Hackers are generally intelligent, social justice and intelligence are mutually exclusive
0.869 Clearly you've never listened to Noisia or Evol Intent, they are perfect for the speed I gain
0.869 I like good pussy and i like good trees
0.863 MP community is trash now imo but yeah no reason to tell others what to enjoy and what not to enjoy

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.949 Holy shit, this is that genuinely retarded bitch who was offended by the words "illegal immigrants " and called it the 'i-word'.
-0.946 Nobody hated the old post because it was Star Wars, they hated it because your paranoia sees mockery of Donald Trump *fucking everywhere*.
-0.945 A lot of people have problems with public speaking so if they fuck up because they are nervous, someone saying "hey you fucked up btw" really doesn't help and doesn't allow them to redeem themselves.
-0.943 No, I mean without the super powers, there's been no movie about a group of basically sabatuers that play key roles in the wars based on earth just like there have been no war based star wars movies.
-0.921 She was studying the case of a little girl who suffered from severe schizophrenia one time, said it was so traumatizing and sad that she gave it up completely and switched majors.
-0.920 My most recent dog had only been around guns a couple times in his life and if a fake gun was pointed at him he would whimper and cry because he thought he was going to be killed.
-0.909 I generally try not to be an ass but this cunt deserves to be shamed.
-0.907 ~~6~~ 2 relashionships all of which they have cheated on me so i grew to the conclusion of fuck this, ~~i am banging people and~~ not giving a fuck about relationships
-0.902 I wasn't refering to trans people but to the special otherkin snowflakes who think they're attack helicopters or other crazy ass shit on Tumblr to get sympathy points.
-0.899 Maybe if you are 16 or 17 it was funny 10 years ago, but anyone over the age of 7 thought this shit was retarded garbage when it came out.
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