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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.989 lmao that would be so hilarious i would literally rofl XD XD XD XD XD
0.959 You reaaaly think it would be that simple :D :D Nevertheless great, funny idea :)
0.959 Congratulations on your helpful charity work! We hope you found these fun tips helpful!
0.952 I sure do love the free market giving me superior products through competition and the drive to achieve the American dream!
0.950 Reddit just likes to think that everyone on here is at the very top of the smartest, most smart "I graduated at Harvard at 7" smart and they are better than everyone else.
0.937 Yeah, but you would only be rewarding someone rich enough to travel like that.
0.930 I think the better solution is for everyone to get a cut of that sweet sweet special interest money.
0.929 "Make Black Lives Great Again" "Make Black America Matter" "Great Lives Matter Again" "Make Lives Matter Again" Make America Great Again, Black Lives Matter
0.919 TL:DR most white people hate thugs/ghetto culture/ but love my MAGA hat and treat me with lots of respect.
0.917 As the the first place winner grabbed his crack prize, all the other contestants, all clean, realized they're the real winners.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.941 In the final battle with the bad guy, the mask gets ripped off and the bad guy says "Ryan Reynolds?", in disbelief, and he gets annoyed that even the villain gets "confuses" him.
-0.932 Fuck that racist zealot piece of shit Steve Harvey.
-0.920 admins fucked it up trying to censor shit they didn't like.
-0.917 Make it a federal crime punishable by death to disagree with liberals.
-0.913 More horrifyingly evil than crazy.
-0.910 I don't get the point, it's like Reddit is now the battleground for some culture war fought with immature shit, ridiculously over the top generalizations, and number manipulation.
-0.908 So, if you are trying to die he might think you are being an idiot and get pissed.
-0.902 When they were rejected they brought down an aircraft in a terrorist attack.
-0.900 It's an interesting idea, but it's evil as fuck.
-0.898 They'd be sad on the anniversary of your death and on your birthday because they remember your death.
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