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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.844 I'll admit, it's not for everyone, but the people who like it fucking love it; there is no middle ground.
0.827 It clearly spells out the information it needs to convey and while the drawing is admittedly very simple, it conveys a sense of fun and charm.
0.813 Honesty is the best policy
0.813 That lot of stairs does make for a good place to sit around on, though. Not saying stairs are the best place to sit, but if there was ever a good set of stairs to sit on, these stairs would be it.
0.804 I know Windows is making large inroads into making this better, but imo a Mac is the perfect dev machine unless you're working on games.
0.796 > He does have a beautiful hand model holding the bottle for him though. FTFY
0.785 Yeah, I probably could have done that but then we wouldn't have had all this fun.
0.774 LOL my friend has an eye on his bass guitar he drew in 8th grade.
0.772 I feel like you're being downvoted for having a perfectly valid opinion.
0.772 Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Chris [...] who strengthens me." Therefore, you can be happy, because you can do all things through Chris.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.888 Unfortunately, your submission has been removed because... You violated the following /r/crappydesign rule: * No posts with only bad grammar.
-0.872 I hate doctor who, and I also think it's terrible. To me the whole series is cheap, badly acted and infantile.
-0.872 I know someone who accidentally filled her car with diesel because of this kind of stupid bullshit.
-0.862 I like Apple more than most people on Reddit, but they have made some really awful decisions since Jobs died.
-0.851 this may be also low blood sugar levels, so i find it misleading to anyone trying to 'help', and possibly dangerous to the victim of the syptoms, .
-0.836 I have an irrational fear of disembodied faces and the idea of putting my dick in one gave me nightmares for weeks.
-0.836 I think i got it : the director ordered an officer to make an Iphone, put a bomb on it and kill JFK and rewrite the report.
-0.823 Grab your attention with big words and bright colors then get under your skin with something just irritating enough to keep you thinking about it but not so irritating that you'd reject or retaliate.
-0.796 but it stands to reason that it's *most likely* yogurt, but *definitely not* empty. And *definitely is* crappy design...
-0.793 > I tried to watch Doctor Who, but it was so stupid.
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