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0.942 This is true, but to someone who doesn't know how to cook salmon, the best advice is to buy Alaskan salmon because you literally cannot go wrong with it -- it's all good.
0.931 It's pretty easy, delicious, and gets the room smelling great too.
0.928 I love the center very much great for huge soups lol
0.906 You can fry, bake, simmer, just about anything you need to do with it, and as a bonus - it's easy to clean and take care of.
0.895 B I'm a student just properly getting into cooking so this would be an amazing christmas gift, Merry Christmas!!
0.888 Super easy and delicious.
0.888 I think Id love to make bread, and I think I'd love all the attachments, too.
0.884 Yes, I forgot to mention that I would love some desserts to help lift his spirits without ruining his diet.
0.875 And what better way to say "I love you", than with the gift of a spatula.
0.875 Something about the arch support and the heel on them works a lot better for me than other shoes like merrils and birks, and leaps and bounds better than athletic shoes.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.820 i'm going to assume that the smoke point might vary a bit, but i'm not an expert on rape
-0.796 Lazy roommate, but as the board dries out, bacterial activity halts and they all either die or 'hibernate' as an endospore.
-0.784 Since my dad is on a sodium restricted diet after a heart attack, no, I don't add salt to anything.
-0.743 From my perspective they were in wrong and did a lot of damage which years of therapy eventually corrected.
-0.740 No more mismatching lid bullshit.
-0.735 I usually stop when the thickest part hits 196-197. If you have a prime cut, it is hard to mess up.
-0.700 Then again, I'm also paranoid about food poisoning.
-0.691 I'll disagree with u/TremontRhino slightly, I don't think there is anything wrong with asking.
-0.660 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/572876 Button and white/portobello mushrooms contain hydrazine analogs which have been linked to liver cancer.
-0.649 first link is dead, the second one only ships in america and canady, im from eu.
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