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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.937 I friggin love when something's so funny that Jimmy doesn't use his fake laugh.
0.927 The Post is now a month old but feel free to still comment or send us a mod mail, the more feedback the better, thanks.
0.900 It's not so much funny laughter but laughter that makes you laugh along.
0.891 Odd. Well, I definitely would like some better Moderation on contagious laughter vs funny videos.
0.869 Great laugh, well done.
0.863 It honestly has make me happier and laugh hard than i have in months.
0.807 Always so great when something from here comes up in my feed. <3 to the mods and all the other subscribers
0.784 One of Steve's most funny scenes is from the office when he's laughing at someone taking a joke seriously.
0.778 It amazes how a baby this young would consciously try to make the other laugh.
0.743 if he pulls that too often the shit could hit the fan

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.800 Unexpected pain can seem much more painful, since your mind and your body wasn't prepared for the bite.
-0.698 It's a Blizzard game; it'll run on a toaster, even if it's not super pretty.
-0.660 Ffs I forgot about his show, god damn that was a long time ago
-0.598 On the plus side it avoids the most frustrating 6 seconds ever caught on video between 0:10 and 0:16
-0.585 There's a huge influx of the latter lately which some are funny, but it's not about the laughter in the video, which defeats the purpose of this sub.
-0.542 He wanted to just grab her, and instead he just knocked her the fuck out.
-0.542 First, not everyone wants a tattoo. Second, you usually expect a sting from the tattoo gun, but no one wants or expects a bite from a horse fly.
-0.511 Doesn't mean that he's an idiot.
-0.511 Damn OP, posting cute babies in here is basically cheating.
-0.511 it makes it impossible to teach them a lesson and makes the wife angry.
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