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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.931 Never tried Rare Bird, but Vigilante is the best and most consistently great coffee I've had around here.
0.930 FYI, I went from a Mazzer super jolly, which is a great grinder, to a titan conical fiorenzato grinder, recently.
0.900 I'd probably just buy some coffee I like and a pint of fresh blueberries and let each excel at what each do best.
0.890 Having both, I feel great about manual grind, in that *I'm* doing the work, much like rolling a cigarette is more of a ritualistic pleasure.
0.886 Sprudge is too busy cheerleading anybody who makes coffee to give me any sense of how great or less great something is.
0.881 I have to commend them and some of their offerings this year have been pretty great.
0.881 It's bold, smooth, thick, bright, fruity and juicy, with a sweet and clean finish.
0.878 Learn to love good coffee first :)
0.876 It's in Italian only, but you can easily figure it out for finding the more outstanding local establishments.
0.869 Yeah I figure that so long as I use good quality coffee and tweak the variables you have mentioned to my liking then I'll be sweet.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.889 Decades and billions of dollars of coffee-related medical research later, people still seem to be beating this dead horse looking for a smoking gun.
-0.856 Because the farmers would be starving broke without an income source -- or growing heroin instead and risking having coyotes execute their kids -- if you didn't buy their coffee.
-0.813 It would probably taste bitter as hell.
-0.796 Ban known bad users from participating again.
-0.794 The bodum grinder won't be adequate for espresso, and it will bring you a lot of frustration and pain.
-0.787 It kills is to be the bad guy, but we know in our hearts that coffee won't be very good after twenty short minutes.
-0.778 for all the hate they get, the imitators are poor imitations of them at that.
-0.744 And if you notice, you rarely find a good Scotch with a name like, "Stinky Clyde's Death Juice".
-0.735 Service industry jobs are brutal, no matter how laid back the beanied hipster making your coffee looks.
-0.726 The worrying is probably more unhealthy to you than any coffee consumption ever could be.
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