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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.743 i would like to know how to do that xD
0.727 hey, that's pretty good
0.637 Love the new name
0.611 im installing it now so excited!!!
0.557 I think this is fantastic.
0.542 Yeah if you can control that side of truck jump you can get some huge air
0.509 Fucking sweet.
0.509 That looks sweet!
0.493 The Game will undoubtedly be an extremely good speedrunning game.
0.477 That guy deserves a medal for perseverance.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.586 First is that I suggest playtesters rate the levels based on difficulty, as the difficulty curve is all over the place. Another thought is an overworld, or level select screen.
-0.273 Bhop til you drop
-0.195 So more difficult levels are locked until the player reaches a certain skill level.
0.000 Assuming it's still in a similar state, I have some ideas.
0.000 http://i.imgur.com/V0Dob1t.jpg
0.000 Was it everything you thought it would be?
0.000 i found the run [hddn speedrun]
0.000 For the record, this is how most people look to people new to Quake.
0.000 Since there are levels grouped into themes (ex.
0.000 Started poking around again when this video came into my youtube feed. There was a near-hour long video of the alpha posted about a month ago.
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