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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.796 I was in two minds but after seeing it working and with the restored booths it looks very smart.
0.784 Matt had to get up pretty early in the morning to capture the perfect balance of night & morning, sky & earth, and city & nature.
0.772 Some about this shot is perfect honestly
0.751 Aurora Photos is an image archive that gets great outdoor and adventure photography from photographers around the world.
0.751 There isn't any other place like BC in Canada...maybe certain areas in the states but...then you'd have to live in the states lol.
0.751 Dynamite, thanks for sharing.
0.718 I find large cities full of diverse people to be comfortable and rather reassuring.
0.700 Well worth the read, thank you!
0.700 And you'll take a better one sometime later and an even better one further down the track.
0.695 Yeah, but it's been really sunny, too.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.832 But yeah similar story, urban mass housing for the poor being neglected and becoming bad for drugs etc.
-0.599 I thought it seemed off because there was aerial photography done during the Civil War.
-0.586 I grew up in the suburbs, and remember it being boring and rather lonely.
-0.542 Is this because of some urban housing developments in NYC and Chicago that ended up being famous for crime and drug dealing back in the crack epidemic days?
-0.542 Give me SoCal any day over cloudy, rainy, cold ocean, heroin addiction Vancouver.
-0.517 That bridge looks cool but kind of annoying if you're in a hurry.
-0.511 There's something weird about the scale of it that made me uncomfortable.
-0.494 I don't see people being shot and killed, are you sure this is Chicago?
-0.477 Wouldn't smaller towns be even worse?
-0.477 It's winters where we lose the sun for a few months that are hard to get through.
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