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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.878 I'm just glad that at 6'3" I can finally fit into a hatchback comfortably! [Hopefully the smile shows my feelings on the matter]
0.869 Happy to answer any questions, and certainly happy to hear any suggestions for how to do car stuff.
0.869 Good luck with the sale, it's beautiful.
0.863 Even our rental fleet Grand C4 Picasso was loaded with amenities and technology, all of it delightfully integrated, and elegantly usable.
0.859 Sexy looks, good engines, relaxed to drive and very spacious.
0.852 Thank You, I like it in other colours also but i think full black is the best option.
0.852 Link for the interested: /r/weirdwheels: Welcome and have fun!
0.848 Love the business, hope it's going well
0.827 Wow thats a beautiful car
0.812 306 wouldve been quicker too due to not being a barge! Not sure how difficult it is to fit the 110 intercooler in, my TD already has it thankfully seeing as i turned the boost up!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.804 It looked really rough when I got it, but as I peeled back the layers it didn't look so bad.
-0.747 There's usually a period of adjustment when changing vehicle but I've no complaints with the box at all.
-0.710 During the 4yrs and 60000 miles I had one broken electronic component by bosch and the trunk lock broke.
-0.691 And my wife would murder me if I spent $30K on a Citroen.
-0.612 Too bad that the winter weather makes it tough to drive.
-0.599 Trouble is, I own 4 cars and have no more space.
-0.541 I want that so bad.
-0.497 I still don't like the Cactus as much As I like the old Mehari it copies.
-0.477 mine was a lot worse for wear http://imgur.com/a/eJR0J
-0.477 Almost every XM I encountered has damage in that rubber area, only a matter of time before it breaks and the suspension gets through the hood .
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