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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.876 Old, but I still love it because the kid looks like my QWOP character at the end.
0.833 The way the one on the left drops the visor before she goes, and the lift and scoot of the ~~cheater~~ winner make this so good!
0.786 Thank you for bringing this hilarious and original piece of art to my attention, "OP".
0.784 Haha this is the funniest and most unexpected thing I've ever seen!
0.727 Is it a blessing or a curse to be so used to seeing kids get harmlessly blasted away by water that your only response is a casual "wait" hand?
0.689 I'm glad that ended well, quite a nail-biter Logan..!!
0.670 Great demonstration of the Tortoise and the Hare.
0.660 Yes it's actually for kids his size and yes the life guards jump in there every 10 seconds.
0.647 "I am so proud of mysel.....BAM!"
0.637 Love how he tries to kick the ball after it hits the ground.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.690 Stop being a cunt!
-0.656 Toddlers are so stupid.
-0.542 That little girl will forever tell the story of how she kicked someone's ass without touching them.
-0.542 I went to see if I could buy it on amazon but apparently the new version is a piece of flimsy garbage :(
-0.527 He put the retard in flame retardant.
-0.521 I'm not sure if that's messed up or not.
-0.465 It's made me want to start creating moving stories told in 3 pictures. WTF?
-0.421 I like how they're wearing helmets, you just know it must have gone wrong before. "No let's try this again, we'll just put helmets on them.
-0.421 Sadly the Russian judge gave him a 4
-0.402 Let me crash here for a moment
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