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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.957 I'm not exactly sure what sort of engineering yet, but I'm super happy with my course and I love it.
0.946 Pretty bland but I love it and it always makes me feel warm and happy inside.
0.938 It's just not that popular but it's truly excellent, the two mains are amazing at what they do.
0.938 Sorry if I sound serious, I just had flashbacks. What other books do you read? > Got super into it this Olympics lol. Elaborate please, I'm very curious. Also I love running.
0.937 Yeah I had told myself beforehand that would act all cool and all but that immediately went out the window haha :) He is a really nice person.
0.934 That's an awesome prize to receive, it is a cute banana or the more sexy kind of banana costume?
0.932 :) I'm so happy for you both and I wish you many happy years together!
0.929 He's still reserved, but I've gotten better at noticing his attempts to show me that he loves me, and better at showing him in a way that makes sense to him.
0.927 Completion can be accomplished by setting goals with friends learning along with you, you improve yourself and you definitely need the internet and people to talk to for it :)
0.927 I may not know what makes me happy in a year, but finding the little things that give you a little giggle or a slight grin is a good place to start.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.961 Rather painful too. I don't usually have acne, but I've been stressed out for the past few days so I have no doubt these are stress pimples :(
-0.949 I made Alfredo, but didn't realize the "cream" I used was actually some Japanese fake cream shit The worst thing I have ever tasted.
-0.929 Depression is a big problem, hell, I still have trouble with that.
-0.927 It was about a girl who grew up in an abusive home and then ended up marrying an abusive man and then has a daughter and has to try to end the cycle of abuse.
-0.910 Just another day of this soul crushing traineeship i hate, at a company i despise, with people that disgust me. I'm completely hollow on the inside
-0.908 Movies: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Original Star wars Trilogy, Dumb and Dumber, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul... You know.
-0.898 Death & time is scary because we are one little tiny dot in the universe so time will pass fast & death will be inevitable, so do we even matter?
-0.896 A few hours of sleep might help, I hope. Sometimes I just worried on how much caffeine and sugar that I consume to keep me up, but hell college lifestyle is unhealthy after all.
-0.880 Nailing something I didn't think I'd quite nail is awesome. Failing something I knew I'd fail but refused to believe I would is my worst.
-0.859 Top five in no order would be Reservoir Dogs, Death Proof, The Shining, Battle Royale, Fight Club 9.
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