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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.971 If you have a passion for the outdoors, talk about that but temper it with a desire to share that passion with other people and help increase their enjoyment as well.
0.969 haha, i trust the adorable ears he's clearly inherited are tucked under your hat? great family photo, thanks for sharing!
0.966 I wish you both the best, and I hope your sister's grand adventure is safe and rewarding
0.960 Maybe it's not for everybody, but it's so comfortable and peaceful, I love it
0.958 Wow that's super awesome, seems like a ton of fun!
0.949 You're lucky to have such an awesome sister, and your sister is lucky to have you, someone who loves and appreciates her so much.
0.946 Beautiful spaces, awesome friendly people, great food, I'd totally go back just for leisure.
0.946 Beautiful spaces, awesome friendly people, great food, I'd totally go back just for leisure. Same here.
0.937 Wish you all the best and your sister the best of luck on her journey!
0.935 The Indian Steps Trail is pretty grueling, but the entire hike is beautiful and has the best vista I have found in central PA.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.931 There was a man in his 60s who was killed in ONP in 2010 but that is the first case ever of someone being killed, and attacks are few and far between.
-0.925 Hell, i'm a photographer, I'd *volunteer* to paparazzi these destructive assholes.
-0.925 It's a shame that its such a war torn and fucked up area.
-0.920 Lazy fucks that don't want to pack up their wet, dirty, gear because they're too lazy, tired, and hungover.
-0.904 It's still gonna hurt like hell and potentially kill you.
-0.893 Punishment must fit the crime and don't need to be punished twice for the same crime. Edit 2: gold.
-0.890 can't help but laugh at the negative response it's getting
-0.886 Really a shame that people's poor choices led to the death of the bear....
-0.884 Some people won't care about being shamed when they're acting as rule-breakers AKA rebels, so they key is to attach an insult that nobody wants.
-0.882 On other heel I got some damaged skin but it hurts way worse than a blister when I walk in my sneakers.
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