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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.962 This is very likely a well built piece of equipment but it looks like you take great care of it which doesn't hurt.
0.962 A bit late to comment but I hope someone who owns one of these can help. So I have a very nice, and beautiful pitbull, but she absolutely demolishes any bones we give her.
0.929 It's something I would expect out of cheaper competitors, but to be honest I was not cynical enough to expect a company like Corning to pull a move like this.
0.929 Hand stitched by Vermont hippies, it's needed minor repair twice, always free and free return shipping, and super customizable.
0.927 I love my computer, I love my smartphone, I love the Internet.
0.926 Fans like this are pretty easy to find for <$70 in good shape and even in poor shape, they're often actually in pretty good shape.
0.925 Being tighter on submission guidelines would help -- and I'd be happy to help the mods out if they need anyone to help clear the queue and approve / remove posts.
0.923 Funny, my two GAP belts from the early 90s are the best two I've ever owned, still going strong, and look as good as new.
0.922 Goat skin is the shit, super strong, and doesn't need to be broken in to be comfortable.
0.920 I had that Leatherman for a long time awesome tool, worked great, loved it every day.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.917 Hell no these are another pair I bought because the first ones ripped on me from pulling on them, I usually use the non leather ones that came with them and those are tough as hell.
-0.915 You need a knife to cut away all the packaging or have an upset kid There's always things to cut from loose threads that if not cut will be pulled by the child, destroying an expensive outfit.
-0.898 Quiet until broken by the screams of little children missing their fingers. Seriously, we had one of these when I was a kid and my mom was terrified we'd randomly poke our fingers at it.
-0.898 No catastrophic failures? Edit: "One cylinder went bad earlier on in its life.
-0.891 Beats the fuck out of my shitty 5 year old GE Platinum, or whatever the fuck they're called.
-0.876 so I can stop beating the actual dead horse now?
-0.872 10 + batteries in a pack and you have to use the solder tabs because of room and very easy to get one wrong and then trouble shooting to find the bad one is a bitch.
-0.872 The battery has long since been dead by overuse and poor standards, it's been dropped a plethora of times and many plastic and other components have fallen off or do not work.
-0.869 If they get worn down and are swallowed they can also kill animals because they will block intestines.
-0.863 Yeah, but fuck is that some ugly army green paper
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